Dedication; LOL😹

1st March, 2018

Dear Diary,

The first day of March. February has ended with some bumpy rides towards the end coz of the Board exam. But overall February was joyful. Hopefully March will also be as good if not, even better.

Anyways we have Maths paper day after tomorrow and coz chemistry was terrible I decided to concentrate fully on maths to score the maximum. But I messed up a little. In the morning I was on track.  But as the day progressed I did a little time-pass on YouTube. Actually a little too much. In the afternoon I installed the game ‘City Skylines‘. I was postponing it to future because I knew once I install it I will play it. Although there is a little lag in the gameplay I played it for a while.

Around 7:00 pm I resumed study. Soon I went for dinner. So I could not do much. Plus I was also distracted on reddit and instagram. After dinner now I am writing my Diary. And I promise I will study now till like 3:00 am. The plan was to get Part II done. Hopefully I can achieve it by tomorrow. Then I will start a much easier section; Part I tomorrow. And I am declaring this, I will study the whole day with less than 2 hours of time-pass. (First I was gonna write 1 hr of time-pass but I need more😜)

Good Night Diary.


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