Chemistry is definitely a Weak Spot for Everyone

28th February, 2018

Dear Diary,

Chemistry was not my favorite subject from the beginning. Clearly I was unable to write in the test today. After the test I discussed with my friends and mostly everyone had a hard time completing the test.

I came home. I was not sad at all, just a little worried, what my MOM would say or how would she react? She was very upset and in a lot of tension. I was just passing by a small margin. And seeing MOM worried I was also starting to get little tense. I could feel I needed to do good in Maths test, which is on 3rd March.

So I studied a little Maths. Also downloaded a movie ‘Billy Madison‘. I haven’t seen it yet but I think it should be cool. And its one of the oldest movies I will see. Its from 1995. The oldest movie I saw was from 1999; American Pie 1. Mostly I see newer movies but lets hope Billy Madison is also good.

I don’t plan to see the movie quite yet. I will study today and tomorrow. Maybe after coming from Maths test I will see the Movie. I also have another movie in queue ‘The Competition‘ which I downloaded some time ago.

Good Night Diary.


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