Don’t know what to do? I am scared 🤯

24th February, 2018

Dear Diary,

This was not the title I was thinking of in the afternoon. I had a good title in mind. But for some reason I forgot it. I even forgot what did I do in the afternoon to have decided that title.

Lets see, I got up in the morning late. I mean very late. I had bath at noon. I skipped breakfast and directly had lunch. After lunch I was watching YouTube videos. In the evening I was customizing my phone and laptop settings. Soon Tanvi took my laptop and then our neighbor wanted it. He took the laptop and returned it at 9:00 pm. At that time I was just gonna have dinner. After dinner I am on my laptop to write my Diary.

But before taking my laptop and after lunch; something happened which I cannot  remember. Like I lost some part of my memory. I did something very important that I wanted to write about it in the Diary. But I cannot recall. Or maybe I am going crazy and I didn’t do anything. And I am just hallucinating. I am scared.

Good Night Diary.


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