I just got TROLLED 😵

23rd February, 2018

Dear Diary,

I was just chilling, doing stuff on the internet and I don’t know why but I went to check the minecraft site for some reason. And I saw a download button. That’s weird coz minecraft is not suppose to be free. And something started to download. I just thought minecraft was free or I glitches the system and downloaded minecraft🤑.

The file downloaded and I ran it. The installation was very slow. It was contacting the server and then downloading the launcher. I thought I was onto a winner. Like a legit way of getting free minecraft.  But it was taking way too long than usual. After the download it was updating the launcher again. At this point I thought it was a joke and I was being fooled. Like I could feel that its not minecraft but some other thing.

And then it installed. Minecraft was on my laptop. I was so happy I opened the game and signed in and found😟 it was only the demo version. I was so angry. The download button on minecraft site was not there few years ago, Maybe they added it this year or something I don’t know. I just got trolled by the Mojang guys. So yeah, just saying beware of them. They are tricksters. (Don’t worry. They are not. Minecraft is one of my favorite games and with the aquatic update its even better. Folks at Mojang are doing a pretty good job).     

Anyways thats it. Hope I study tonight as Physics exam is right after two days and I don’t know anything.

Good Night Diary.


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