Literature filled my heart!

21st February, 2018

Dear Diary,

The day has arrived. I had my English boards exam today. In the morning I went to my centre and gave my exam. It was phenomenal. I did pretty well I think. I could complete my exam 10 minutes before the test got over.  I was well before time to check my paper and I did. Despite of that I think I got 1 question wrong. Not sure though. Danish said one thing and I wrote another. Lets see.

Anyways, I came home and was eating. At the table both my MOM and Tanvi were reading books. Tanvi was reading ‘Hardy boys’ and MOM was reading something about ‘Swami Vivekananda’. I was the only one sitting idle. I felt like reading something, thus after lunch I started reading ‘ Owned (A Decadence After Dark Novel)‘ by M. Never. The novel I started long back. Now I will read some more chapters and sleep. Tomorrow is a bid day as I need to start studying Physics.

Good Night Diary.


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