Block! Block! Block! (unnecessary)

13th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today was a very simple day I guess. Did not do anything but play minecraft. With a bunch of mods. I played survival with ‘X-Ray mod’ and ‘Vein-miner mod’. Then I also downloaded ‘Auto fishing mod’. There is really nothing much to talk about except tomorrow is Valentine’d day.

Again this year I am single. And if I remember correctly tomorrow we will officially complete 1 year of Diary writing. I think I have a lot of good and bad experiences attached with this Diary. I think I can never stop writing Diary. Although I thought after I will be done boards and when I am on vacation I will write my Diary alternate days or when some important event happens. So I don’t need to write everyday and a lot of junk can be avoided like today’s post.

Good Night Diary.


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