all ‘Archimedes’ and ‘Pythagoras’ in the room!!

11th February, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today I was ready for the practical. Though I did not study much yesterday I basically learnt all the sums that were gonna come in the test. We were give the sums before hand so I had only 4 sums to practice. I literally knew them by heart. So the moment I got the paper I wrote them as it was in the answer sheet as I learnt them. Apparently everyone did the same thing. I completed the paper in 15 minutes. I only had to solve  3 sums and I solves it with a speed of 5 min / sum. About 30 minutes after the test everyone was done with the test but Danish. He took like forever. Maximum there were 4 sums you needed to do. But Danish took an entire hour doing 4 sums. Everybody left but I was waiting for him to show up. He could easily do it in 30 minutes but I don’t know why did he take so long. Anyways he came down after a long long time and we went home.

I was exhausted more of waiting than writing my test. I played a little minecraft today and downloaded some mods which I need to test out. Maybe tomorrow is a good time to test out my new mods. Also I was chatting with Yogita. She wised me ‘Happy Promise Day’ first. These day I would wish her first, but today I did not feel the need to wish for promise day. Like who is gonna keep the promise? But she actually wished me and then we had a little chat. She has mechanical paper tomorrow. So I told her what are the potential viva questions. I don’t want her to suffer like most of us.

Now I have to post this as soon as possible coz DAD is gonna come to cancel his ticket for tomorrow and I doubt he wouldn’t give me my laptop after that. So….

Good Night Diary.


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