Between a Rock and a Hard Place ▓▓

8th February, 2018

Dear Diary,

It feels good coming back to your own browser. I have been updating the laptop for last 24 hours now. Some elements have been downloaded but some are pending. I believe it is the last part which is downloading. A lot of problems occurred during updating windows. But anyways it is still going on.  The update is now ready to install so just like yesterday the laptop could restart anytime. I am prepared today. I am constantly saving my work.

From tomorrow my official boards exam starts. I am very nervous. I studied a lot today, more than usual maybe coz my laptop was occupied with update. Anyhow I did almost all drawings of machine and read the assembly and disassembly etc. I could do more only if Vidhi wouldn’t disturb me. She actually physically did not disturb me but while I was chatting with her, she was not replying the messages. I asked her and she confirmed that yes, she was ignoring me. I was sad, unintentionally. I have nothing to do with her but still I felt sad and I asked for the reason. She said ‘Because you called me darling once‘. I mean; this is the stupidest reason I have ever heard. And even more stupid thing is that I don’t remember when I called her darling. The last thing happened was, I was mad at her not coming to the birthday party. So I don’t believe I will call her darling after that, I am confused.

Moving on I had a little chat with her later and also with Yogita. Told her Vidhi is ignoring me. But Yogita said Vidhi loves me a lot. She said she noticed when we talk, Vidhi keeps smiling and listens with curiosity. And to be honest even I notices that. Lets hope for the best. I only want her to be my friend and nothing more. Bu at least talk to me and not ignore me.

Keeping my girl worries aside I will write tomorrows paper and lets hope for the best, I may be able to write the paper well. And also practical and Viva.

Good Night Diary.



Yay 200 posts today. I had not seen a notification on my site. Today I saw it and it was ‘You’ve made 200 posts‘. Kinda happy but also sad, I thought someone likes or followed. Anyways big day for me. Writing 200 pages; never thought of it.


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