Too late to SORRY

31st January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today was my Open House for prelim exam. And the last thing I wanted was to fail. Just that happened. I failed in not one but two subjects. Physics and Chemistry. MOM was very sad and so was I. She was very supportive and explained me that I can do it.

This result thing hit me hard and its actually a good thing, coz according to my past experiences, I only study after such results. And I really studied today. I did the physics prelim paper again. This time I wrote the paper after learning it. I feel I can do it now.

But shortly after that I got distracted. But I am happy. I was just browsing through and I found this audio book. ‘Owned (A Decadence After Dark Novel)‘ by M. Never and   I heard a sample from the book. It was only 5 min but I loved it. Only thing, I had to pay to get the audio book. I tried various ways to get the audio but couldn’t. Finally decided to read the actual book. Yes, I did not expect to say that coz I never read books but I kinda decided to read this novel. I found out that I could download this book for free on Kindle so I downloaded it. I tried installing Kindle app on my outdated windows phone but it did not work for some reason so I have to read it on my laptop. And believe me I read 30+ pages today. I mean actual read not listening to audio. Its a big thing for me coz its the first book I am reading other than my textbooks.  and I only read for an hour or two.

Also I have to complete my another audio book ‘Unheard‘. I did not get time today so I can try tomorrow. Lets see.

Good Night Diary.


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