Today was an UNSUCCESSFUL DAY :(

28th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today I got up early coz last night I slept early. I tried to turn onn the WiFi but DAD was not allowing. So I started studying. I couldn’t even take my laptop as Tanvi took it for her work. I had to check my Karmas on reddit. But I couldn’t. Later at around 12 noon I turned on the WiFi and checked the karmas. It had increased by 100 points. Insane, I posted a gif before sleeping yesterday and in the morning it had 125 upvotes. Then for lunch I had mutton chops and kaleji. Yummy.

Because Tanvi had my  laptop I had no other choice but to study. I did some definite integration. Then did some time-pass. After a while Tanvi returned my laptop. I wanted to watch a YouTube video so I started it and DAD came and took the laptop. But before that I was redditing. I wanted a sexy video to post. So I searched some stuff on PornHub. I found one and posted it. Then DAD came in and took my laptop. I was afraid that he would look at my history. So I was remote monitoring the screen on my phone. And it happened, DAD viewed the history tab. He was scrolling, searching for something and did not find what he wanted.  But I am very sure he saw the PornHub thing. But he did not say anything.

Anyways when he returned the laptop I watched the video. Then again posted a link to reddit. It was about a JOI video. A Truth and Dare joi game with Kylie Ann and Rayna Lee. One of my favorite porn videos of all times. I seriously expected it to get some upvotes but I kinda did not. Although it got 50 I was disappointed. Yesterday’s post which had 125 votes this morning crossed 200 right now; making my total Karma over 500.

I also started reading a book. Actually listening to one at Audible. It called ‘Unheard‘. its about a mystery of a missing girl. I read the first chapter and I was completely engaged into it. I like the book. Now I will continue reading till I fall asleep.

Good Night Diary.


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