Steam rose. Luckily it did not EXPLODE!

27th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today was bit of a lazy day. DAD went to Uran in the morning. There were events in our society so Tanvi was involved in those activities whole day. We had fancy dress competition, drawing competition, Dance competition and Bollywood night. In that; all the ladies of the building dressed up as actresses and  acted on the stage. Right from black and white cinema up to Padmavati, every actress was here tonight. It was fun but sadly I did not watch. MOM went down but I was studying.

In the afternoon Tanvi went for the drawing competition. I was playing Minecraft then. Some time after wards even MOM went down. I was alone at home and I watched ‘The Big Bang Theory‘. Later I was doing some redditing.

Finally MOM was home and DAD also returned for Uran. We were getting ready for dinner. MOM was heating up some rice in pressure cooker and suddenly………… we heard a loud bang. the cooker opened up and all the steam escaped from the side. DAD quickly went and turned off the gas. We let the gas escape and waited, hoping that the cooker lid does not blow up in the air. That would be fun but also devastating and scary. Once it happened when MOM was younger, she was telling. Lid just blew up with a big bang. The bang very extremely loud she said. Hopefully nothing such happened today. Anyways after the steam escaped we opened up the cooker. It seemed that the rubber lining (seal) was damaged which led the steam to escape. Now we need to change the rubber and it would work just fine. Nothing major.

Good Night Diary.




I thought that I did not do anything much today so today’s Diary would be short but it about 300 words. I wonder how did I write this much.


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