Republic KARMA

26th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today is India’s Republic Day. I was sleeping probably dreaming when suddenly DAD sprayed water on my face. I woke immediately and in panic. Obviously DAD was having fun but he ruined my sleep. After that I couldn’t sleep. My sleep vanished. Then I freshened up and had breakfast. We have this flag hoisting every year and This year I decided to stay home to study. But MOM insisted to go catch up fresh air. At first I denied but then I went down. Had some fun. I hadn’t been down for 2 years. So it was nice to talk to people and meet old friends. Finally we hoisted the flag and had some snacks.

After chatting for an hour I came home to have lunch. Yesterday I made a reddit account. So after lunch I was just checking on the progress of the Karmas. Actually you get karmas for upvoted posts. So I actually got 30 or nearly 30 karmas overnight. I don’t remember the exact figure. But I was excited and happy. I spent rest of the day gambling for karmas. I would leave a comment on posts I like and would also sometimes post a picture or story. I now have 200 karmas. Today was like a race for karma. I posted a story on ‘AskMeAnything’ (subreddit) and I have 19 comments on that post. I have been chatting with those people. Some are really nice but some people are just d@#ks.

I also watched a movie ‘Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery‘ which  I did not like. I liked the trailer but the movie was not to the mark. Now I will cut my nails coz MOM has been telling me to cut them for a week now.

Good Night Diary.


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