Coincidentally LUCKY

18th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today was our Prelim Chemistry Practical exam. I was very nervous. I went there and took a paper. Table numbers were written on different papers and we needed to perform experiments according to the given table number. Completely Random

I was the luckiest one. I had to do two experiments, one was ‘Volumetric Analysis’ which I knew by heart, and other was ‘Dictation of Basic Radicals’. The salt given to me was blue in color and I knew that copper is the only salt with blue color. I did not even do the tests I only wrote the answers on the answer sheet and gave it to the teacher. Later came the VIVA. I was scared coz Manav was with me. He is kinda Scholar and teacher would call us in groups. It is even more scary when your partner knows and you don’t. I expected Manav to give answers like a bullet train. But he was blank today. I don’t know what happened. He was not giving a single answer but I was. So VIVA was also good for me.

After the practicals we came down. Had a chat with friends. There I knew that not only my friends Sohum and Danish tease me with Vidhi but also Manav (Vidhi’s brother). Also everyone else in the class. Today I realized I am in real danger. I am really starting to worry. Hope she does not get serious.  And today I tickled her which I think was not very harsh and also pulled her cheek. But it was coz she did it first. This bothers me even more. She is good; I like her but really don’t want to be in relationship with her.

Now because my chemistry practicals was so good I wanted my other practicals to be good as well. So I was determined to study. But then I saw a movie ‘Mean Girls‘. Really liked it. Heard it many times in a lot of videos but never really payed attention to it. Now that I saw the movie I understood why people like it very much. And also it made me realize that Diary is for bitching about others. I might bitch about others sometimes but mostly I say a lot about myself though. I really don’t like to back bitch about someone and neither have I tried to. But I feel……………………I don’t know really what I feel. One side I feel I should back bitch coz Diary is all about that. And on the other side I feel back bitching is bad and not my style. I guess I will say whatever comes to my mind as my Diary will not judge me, Right? My Diary understands me♥.   (YA now I feel girly; Why the heart? Eww)

Anyways moving on. While I was watching the movie Sohum called me for asking me some doubt. I already read the experiment but when he asked me the doubt I was stuck. I never payed that close attention. Anyways I solved the problem and also understood the experiment  thoroughly. After some time Danish called me. By this time I did some more experiments. He asked me to explain every experiment. I thought it will take a lot of time but also I will have a revision. And it turns out that he had a lot of questions that I never thought of. We studied together and I realized how shallow I read. Because of Sohum and Danish I really learnt the practical handbook LOL. But ya seriously I learnt a lot when I studied with them as oppose to when I do self study. I feel very lucky. Very confident about tomorrow.

Good Night Diary.



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