I am going CRAZY!!!

16th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Last night after writing my Diary I saw the movie ‘F the Prom‘ and I like it a lot. I felt like I should take studies more seriously now And maybe concentrate on my grades. Coz I have no other option to get famous or be known in college. I am sure if I study; at least some kids would know me and I might be popular. By the way All of this is coz of the movie. I did not want to be popular and all but now I thing about my college life I can only see my friends and time-pass. No offense; I have the greatest group of friends but its just not enough I feel. I need more grades so others know me and I don’t have any other talent with which I can get popular. Study Hard? I think I can pull it off.

With that said I went to sleep hoping the new morning will bring new change in my life. Which sadly didn’t. I am the old me. In the morning I played Minecraft again. Then I may have studied little bit but not that much. Actually I did not get into serious studying until evening. I was just watching some random videos on YouTube.

Before dinner I started serious studies and now I have roughly 2 hours before sleep to complete almost all my studies. In a way I am also relaxed coz I  have a mechanical paper which I remember a lot after the practicals. I am actually pretty confident about the paper. Only thing I am afraid is about diagrams. I have not practiced them and I can screw them. So I will now read the answers and try to draw side by side. You know multitasking. LOL

Good Night Diary.


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