Twinning (‘,’) /*,*\

12th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today I had Physical education exam and yesterday after writing Diary, I started to study. I only saw some important definitions and Diagrams. That was my only preparation.

Anyways I went today first to pick up my friends Sohum and Danish. And Sohum and I were saying same thing in chorus. Almost everything we said was in chorus. That was pretty hilarious.

Then we went for the test. And as far as I understood nobody was confident about their paper. Nobody had studied seriously. So there was no option for taking an extra supplement for writing. The answer book provided was of 8 pages and everyone was writing in the same answer book. Invigilator was continuously asking if you need supplement?  After a while she also knew that nobody will need one coz no one knows the answers or they have not studied. Only 30 min were left for the test and suddenly Vidhi asked for a supplement. Everyone was shocked. Even the invigilator. She asked ‘Do you really need supplement?’ and I said ‘Yes we do need one’. So basically me and Vidhi were also twinning. And if you think it was a coincident then we even finished the papers together and submitted together. We came outside and were talking outside and again we were twinning.

After a while Sohum and Danish came down; done with their tests. And again Sohum and I twinned. And if you think I am saying a lot of ‘Twinning’ blame Sohum. He taught me the word today. I heard it today for the first time and since then I was thinking it would be the perfect title for the Diary.

Anyways enough of that I came home and played minecraft. I installed the mod I downloaded yesterday Sim-U-Kraft. And played till lunch. After lunch I was searching for guide for mod coz I failed to play successfully. The first world I made; I had to delete coz I could not find wool. Then in the second world I am pretty successful. Lets see how long it goes. I will play tomorrow I think.

From evening till now I was studying and I have a lot to study I realized. I have two parts with nearly 10 chapters each. and I am glad that at least I finished with 1 part. After writing the diary I will do the second part or at least try to do as much as I can and sleep. Coz I have to get up early again.

Yesterday at night I sorted my pens and took only those which I will need. My pouch was a mess. I had blue pens and black pens and pencil shavings and pen pencils that betrayed me during my Mechanical paper. So I emptied my pouch. Tried to repair my pen pencils and when they were not repaired I had to take a different pencil. I only took black pens as I write with only black ink. Took ruler and eraser and other necessary stuff. Only problem was the pen pencil I was using was a 2 mm that mean it was thick and unsharpened. And in the class when I tried to sharpen it it just won’t happen. I was unable to do it. I tried but then I left it. So basically it worked as a pencil but it drew double lined and fat lines.

Good Night Diary.


And if you are wondering what are the faces after ‘Twinning’ in the title. Well the first is me and the second is a cross breed. It has round eyes like it is wearing specs and the slash represents long hair. So its Sohum and Vidhi. Coz I twinned with both of them today. Now tell me thats not smart 😉


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