Improvement? Tense? Conflict? Maybe! ;)

7th January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is my Prelim test and I should be studying whole day. I need good marks because they say ‘If you pass in Prelim test only then you will get your Boards Hall ticket.’So I had no other option but study. At least that is what I decided yesterday. But as morning rose I began getting distracted. The first thing I did was to see my views on this Diary. I wanted to see if Sohum read it or not. And apparently there were 5 views on the last days post. I was very happy as well sad. Whole of morning was spent in analyzing the views and posts. Because of that I felt a need to arrange my posts systematically. And segregate them according to years.  Coz 2 years down the line I will have more than 1000 posts (*touch wood*)and if I have to search a particular date I will then have to scroll the entire page.

That was a problem. So I was messing around in the settings page when I came up with a solution. I added my posts in different categories according to corresponding years and then I can open which year I want. To add on I also added a monthly sorter to get to the post precisely and quickly. I wanted to add a search bar but for some reason it does not work properly. So the entire afternoon went in customizing the Diary. Though there is not much visible change I definitely did some internal customization. Like; I added 2 Step verification and added sorting system. I also spent way too much time thinking about these changes.

Doing this I wasted half of my day. Now I had only half day to complete 10 chapters of physics. I started doing the chapters and realized I will not make it. So I decided to do only GuruAanklan papers.  I am still doing the papers.

After dinner now; I helped DAD with his print outs and scanning of some documents. Now I will have a long night ahead coz I have to study. Wish me All the Best for Prelim test tomorrow.

Good Night Diary.


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