College Practical; Not as I Anticipated : )

2nd January, 2018

Dear Diary,

Today I was very excited to go to college. Primarily coz I was going to college after a long time and secondary coz I was excited to meet my friends especially Vidhi. Only thing we were gonna do today was mechanical practicals. We started to file our jobs. I did not talk to Vidhi. I thought I would get time during Shaper machine practical. In Shaper machine practical sir made a group of four students to perform practical. I was in the group with Vidhi and Sohum and Danish. But as my filing job was incomplete I was replaced in the group. I felt sad. I really wanted to talk to her.

I soon finished my filing work and went to Shaper machine. Its the only practical pending for me. She was doing Lathe job. I was siting on the Shaper machine. Occasionally I would go and talk to her. Real fun was when we went to eat outside during break. Sohum, Danish and Me ordered a burger and Vidhi did not. So I offered her my burger and She ate it from my hands. So basically we were sharing the same burger. That was romantic. Obviously the other two boys with me (Sohum, Danish) we not keeping quite. They were teasing me for this. I guess she was blushing and so was I.

We were in college the whole day. I went at 10:30 am and returned at 6:00 pm. Even tomorrow we have similar schedule. I tried to control myself today. I watched only 1 episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ and only 1 YouTube video. I searched ‘How to tickle a girl right way’ coz I feel today I tickled her way too hard that it hurt her. I don’t wanna harm her and want it to be playful.

Anyways I will now try to sleep if this cold will let me. Yesterday I had to take steam in order to free my nose. Only then could I sleep.

Good Night Diary.


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