She had the worst CHRISTMAS of her life!!!

25th December, 2017

Merry Christmas Diary,

Mom and DAD woke me up early to give us our gifts. I got a BELT and a pair of EARPHONES. I just needed them and I received them. I was happy, tested my new earphones and they work fabulously. Only thing is that, they stick right in and may cause irritation after some time. Everything was going well. Some relative of my grand mother visited us and gave me ₹1000. Then Martin my childhood friend invited me and Grishma at his house.

I was enjoying until; I was messaging everyone in my contacts ‘Merry Christmas’. So  I also messaged Shreya the same. She replied and then we started talking. We had a chat and just in fun I asked her for nudes. At first she refused. I asked again. She literally sent me a pic with her bra. My god it was terrible. I was sad, I was unhappy, I was scared, I was everything but happy. I couldn’t believe myself and was not expecting it. I expected a nice sexy pic but she was bizzard. It was one of the worst selfies I had ever seen. Not only that, apparently she does not know what ‘nudes’ are and also ‘masturbation’ or ‘nipple’. How in the world can someone not know nipple. And my GOD her English is terrible than her body. She cannot speak a proper sentence in English with proper grammer. I tried a lot but finally after the whole nipple thing I gave up. I couldn’t take it anymore. Actually what happened was; I said ‘You have a hard nipple ;)’ and I expected a shy and happy answer. Or at least some sort of answer. Instead she asked ‘What is a nipple?’. I was done there. I knew it won’t go far. I even cannot ask her if we could be Friends with Benefits. She won’t know the meaning. So I had to block her number. I know she loves me like anything. and it hurt her a lot but I had to. I can still see her bra pic. I feel like vomiting. But as a good note I advised her not to send nudes to anybody via text messages. Even if he is your boyfriend.

Man that was a difficult phase. After I blocked her I felt kinda good and relieved. It felt satisfying. Then I went to Martin’s place. Grishma my childhood friend  also accompanied me. We had a great time. We ate, had fun, played games, talked, laughed, all sorts of fun activities. We also decided to meet on Wednesday for dinner. But they  preponed it to tomorrow. I want to go but I really don’t feel like.  I know it will be fun but I feel I will enjoy more at home. So I canceled it.

My initial plan was to unblock Shreya but I don’t have the courage to face her again. I will drop this idea. Anyways I watch a lot of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ episodes. Maybe 4 to 5 episodes. Even I don’t know How did I see this much. Now I will sleep. Meet you tomorrow.

Good Night Diary.


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