Pre-Christmas Gift :)

24th December, 2017

Today I woke up late and had a bath at 12 noon. Then downloaded a software called ‘Muvizu‘. It is an animation software for making animated movies. It is very cool and I had a lot of thoughts of making cool movies, But the control and UI is confusing. All the camera movements and controls very were confusing and difficult. Thats why I dropped the idea of animation.

My whole day went in discovering controls for Muvizu. At 8:00 pm we were invited by Sohum for a function in his building. He and everyone in Hiranandani set up a stall. Sohum’s  and her friend set up a food stall. Then there were casinos and all kinds of stuffs. Sohum and me along with his friends were hunting. We were hunting for beautiful girls. We spotted a lot and everyone were sexy. Though I did not have that good fun but its was decent. I enjoyed in a good way. Got to meet new people and new thoughts. Made new friends. So overall it was a successful day.

Good Night Dairy.


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