Sometimes life plays is little GAMES on me!

23rd December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was farewell and I was happy and excited. I dressed up all well and went to college. At first I was unhappy coz I could see only boys. Soon we went in the auditorium and boy’s row started to fill up. Girl’s row was half empty. The party started and I forgot about the ratio of boys and girls. The farewell party was fun. After the party we had DJ. I was dancing and enjoying and at the same time I was searching for Vidhi. I couldn’t find her. I was disappointed. The only reason for dressing so well and learning those dance moves was not there in the party.

We were all exhausted and went to Sohum’s house coz we could not decided anything else to do. On my way back home I called Vidhi to ask her why was she not at the party. She said she had to study and she was feeling like coming. I said I missed her. She is the first and only person I called for no specific reason. I am not sure if I really started liking her. I hope not.

Then I came home and watched a bunch of episodes of TV shows. I can’t remember the specific number of shows but I remember that I saw ‘Game of Thrones‘ one episode. Then ‘Friends‘ and ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ some episodes. Also I watched a movie ‘Not Another Teen Movie’. I couldn’t believe I watched so much in a single day. After dinner I came in my room and turned onn my Laptop to write my Diary. While the laptop was turning on I was lying on the bed. Soon MOM came and said ‘Get up’.  I realized that I was sleeping. I was very tired that I slept on the bed just like that. So MOM said sleep now and wake up early tomorrow. So I quickly made a test post and uploaded yesterday to save the date. Today i.e. 24th December, I am writing the Diary.

Good Night Diary.


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