Can you survive on a RAFT ?!

19th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was our Mechanical practical exam. And I had not studies yesterday. I was worried about the test, But anyhow I had to go to college. So I went there and learnt that none of us had studies. I felt a bit relaxed but also terrified. Soon the professor came in and gave us a shock. He said today there will be a revision of all the machines and then you write the test based on the machines. That meant good coz we get a chance to revise, right?

Thats not true. We went in the lab and sir started asking us questions. Like the test started right away. Thats not what was promised. We ain’t robots to learn 50 pages in 10 min.  But still I knew a little bit and could answer something.  I think I did pretty well. But overall I and others were very poor.

Daily I have to remember what I did in the day to write in the Diary. Today is not the case. Coz today MOM went to D-mart to do shopping and I played ‘RAFT‘ whole day. Hence there is nothing much to remember. I even played it earlier but I always dies. Today I did pretty well and made some progress. I am proud.

Then I had a little chat with Shreya (my first fake gf). They went to school tour to Silvassa.   A town in Gujarat. I had a little chat but then stopped coz I had to play RAFT. But now I messaged her. Hopefully she will reply. And if she does I’m gonna lyric prank her with the song ‘Shower‘ by Becky G. Until then I will study coz tomorrow I have another Practical test. This time of Maths.


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