ALMOST There!!

17th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a holiday. Not really, I had exam which I skipped to study. But instead of study I completed my Journals and played on my laptop.

So I got up late coz I slept late at 2:00 am. Then I had a bath at around 11:00 am. Nearly at 1:30 pm we had lunch. Then I started doing my work. I watched some YouTube videos. I was watching a Let’s Play series of a game called ‘Raft‘. Its a new steam game, and I liked it. Then DAD took my laptop for his work and I had to complete my Journal. I did not have any other option. So I sat down to write my Journal. I completed most of my Physics part. Then I gave it to my MOM to do the drawings. Coz she asked for it. and gave my DAD Mechanical Journal.

Meanwhile I played an interesting game. Its called ‘Biotix: Phage Genesis‘ I downloaded it on my mobile. Its a strategic game. I enjoyed playing the game. Before dinner MOM and DAD both completed the drawings and I started the writing part of Mechanical Journal.

After dinner I continued to watch ‘Raft’ game videos on YouTube. Now I am writing my Diary and then continue writing my Diary. I am really excited to go to college tomorrow coz I will meet my friends and Vidhi. I don’t know but she gets me excited. It was not like this earlier. I wanted to get her attention but I never felt happy and excited about meeting her. But after I knew she likes me I am very excited.  Is this normal? I don’t care.

Good Night Diary.


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