After a LONG TIME!

15th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

I went to college today. Lecture was suppose to be till 2:30 pm But, the portion was over in just 1 lecture. So we left the class and went to take xerox of the GuruAanklan paper solutions. There was a lot of crowd there so it took us time to take all copies. After that I came home.

After coming home I did a little workout. Coz Farewell is round the corner and I have a girl who likes me and I need to look amazing in the party as well afterwards. So I need to be in great shape. Hence I trying to do some workout. I do ‘push ups’, ‘pull ups’ and ‘crunches’ along with ‘plank’ for abs. I am mostly concentrating on my arm muscles coz they are visible and chest and back to some extent. My prime focus is to get in good shape and fitness to dance and move swiftly. I need to be quick.

Later I watched an episode of Game of Thrones coz MOM and Tanvi were out of house. MOM took Grand Parents for check up and Tanvi had her Annual Day today. I am at  S06E09. Now I am very sleepy so I will cut the diary here.

Good Night Diary.


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