Who said Lyric Prank was a fail? Hahaha

13th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was my Chemistry exam and surprisingly the paper was similar to one that Shubh sent yesterday. Thought it was from 2016 but more than 50% of paper was same. And I am very intelligent hence I did not study the paper. What a fool!!. I just wishes I had done the paper he sent. But other than that I did pretty well. I could attempt 50% of paper which is huge after failing in the subject.

Later after paper I went in the class. We had Mechanical lecture. And as I expected Vidhi the girl I lyric pranked yesterday was waiting for me. As I entered she asked me about the text ‘What did you mean?’. At first I denied to answer but finally I said that it was a prank. Now heres when shit get real. I guess she likes me and she had some expectations from me. She had hope that I might propose her today but instead I pranked her. She felt bad I understand 😦 , even I did. Till now I was just guessing that she liked me. But during the break Sohum went outside to eat as he did not bring tiffin. Vidhi also accompanied him. Me, Danish and other were in the class. When they returned Sohum said ‘You are in big trouble’. I understood she is serious. Then she started touching me and we normally touch each others hair and all. She was tickling me in the stomach and I was also doing the same and all the boys were teasing us. I don’t know if she is really into me and if she is; what am I gonna do coz I don’t like her. I won’t tell her that I don’t like you coz it will be awkward.  I plan to get it going and see how far it goes. Maybe the college will get over by the time she proposes if she does.

So overall my prank was successfully executed as I planned and I am kinda happy and sad for her. Lets see how good our chemistry is?

Also I tried to prank Drashti with a song but it turned out she knew that song. The funny thing though is; I was sending her the lyrics and she was answering. I thought she was falling for the prank. Until I said its a prank. She said she knew when I started the song. Instead of pranking her I got pranked. But I can safely say it was not a fail like of Vidhi’s or wasn’t that a fails.

Good Night Diary.


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