Lyric Prank; Horribly Wrong you won’t believe!!!

11th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today after a long time I went to college. It feels a lot coz Sohum came today. His tuitions are going well. And I think he will get good grades, now that I talked to him. Then we were sent home coz we had completed journals.

I came home and started studying right away. Coz on Wednesday I have my Chemistry exam. I just started studying today and got lost on the internet. I was searching for something and fell into a whole new world. I saw some videos of Lyric Prank. Its actually when you send the lyrics of a song and watch their reaction. I saw some of the videos and got motivated to do it myself.

First I decided to do it with Shreya. I messaged her but she was not online. Next I tried for Vidhi (a girl from our Mechanical class). Everyone thinks I have a crush on her and thats not true. But they both were offline. Finally Poonam my school friend replied me.

I choose the song ‘Sad Song’ and it went horribly wrong. First she did not react to the song and I ended up being a joke. I expected some kind of reactions or questions but it was just plain chat. After the chat I analyzed my mistakes.

Choose a good song

Type the lyrics as to copy and paste

Use emojis more

So after a bit of research I found some realistic songs that I can use and it won’t feel fake. First is ‘Shower‘ from Becky G. And another ‘Into You‘ by Ariana Grande. They feel a bit real as the way one would speak and so I would get some reply; I hope.

I was busy with this stuff so I couldn’t trade or watch Game of Thrones. Maybe tomorrow I will.

Good Night  Diary.


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