Happy Day Happy Me (Maybe) :(

10th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a holiday and I woke up late in the morning. As you know yesterday I did not write my diary and slept early. So I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. But in the morning DAD was at home and I was afraid to touch my laptop in front of his. God knows when will he come and take it from me. So I was studying and after lunch I took my laptop.

In the afternoon I watched ‘Game of Thrones‘ an episode and also downloaded a game ‘Scrap Mechanics‘. Well the game was running but also lagging on my laptop. My laptop is no gaming PC so I had to reduce quality and all to play the game. But even though I liked the game when I saw, I did not like when I played it. I think Besiege is better than Scrap Mechanics. Or even Kerbal Space Program is better for that matter.

Before all this  I completed my Yesterday’s Dairy. After that I was doing time-pass. I was getting bored and no body was online with whom I can chat with. Until…. Shreya came online. She was my first GF. I was not so popular in girls and never had a girlfriend. I had many girl   friends but no girlfriend. And I knew this girl had a crush on me. I assumed it, its not like anybody told me. So one day I just casually proposed. Nothing too fancy. Just said ‘I think I have feelings for you and I love you’. I expected a NO right away coz I have had many rejections. And by many I mean A LOT. So I was standing there expecting a NO but she said YES. I wasn’t serious about the relationship at all.  But for the first time I had a girlfriend so I pretended to be her bf. But as School got over we stopped talking. Suddenly one day she came to my house with her best friend Drashti. I knew I have to put an end to it. Coz it was getting worse. It was good to be meeting in school but she came to my house. So that day I started chatting with Drashti and also proposed her after some time. This time I was hoping a YES. She left me in suspense for a day and next day she said YES. At that time I was double dating. And that to with two best friends. One was Drashti and other Shreya. I feared when they talk about it their friendship will break But still I did not tell anyone about other one. Soon they found out and They broke their friendship just for me. Now they both talk to me but not to each other. I had a problem; of choosing one of her coz I had to put forth an image of myself. I did not want myself to be looked upon as a guy who plays with feelings and double-dates. So at that time I choose Drashti coz Shreya was forcing me to meet up. I did not want to coz I was not serious. So I dumped Shreya and moved with Drashti. Things started getting serious and I did not want to give her false hope. For the betterment of her I quit the relationship and broke up. Huh… Thats a long story.

Anyways today Shreya and I had a chat and even today she loves me and I’m sure Drashti also does. So Shreya wants to meet me. I rejected it and stopped chatting for today. I don’t know how will she react tomorrow. Coz she feels I also like her. Things are very complicated here.

Good Night Diary.


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