Its a NEW LIFE!!

8th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was morning class and I went at 8:00 am. But Sohum did not accompany us. He will be missing lectures I believe coz he had joined a private tuitions. A tutor come to teach him st his home. We have not met since long so I was not able to take a feedback about the class. But I hope its good and it benefits him. Seriously though I feel its a waste coz the tutor is gonna teach the entire portion in just 1 month. We have got very limited time and lots of things to do. Also the tutor is gonna teach him 2 chapters in 1 day. I mean that insane. How will he  cope up with the progress? I am confused. Hope he finds a way out.

Now I returned from the class and after having Breakfast I played some ‘Kerbal Space Program‘. And I finally put a space ship in orbit. I was difficult but I did it. Only one slight problem, my man (pilot)  is stuck in the ship and I don’t have fuel to bring him back. So I sent another ship to rescue him and he also got stuck. Now I have two men orbiting planet.

Later in the afternoon, i watched an episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘. Then I was finding some animation techniques to make a film. I don’t know if at all I will make a movie?

I did it again. MOM asked me if she could turn off the WiFi and I said YES. I had not written the Diary and even  then I said to switch it off. What a fool! Anyways I turned it back onn again and now I am writing the Diary. After this I will hopefully watch another episode of GOT and sleep. Tomorrow also we have class and Sohum is not coming.


Good Night  Diary.


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