MOM is tense! Numbers Fail.

6th December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was my Physics test and according to my yesterday’s day, I was sure the test would be a disaster. And it was. I could barely attempt the questions and got a bunch of them wrong. When I returned home MOM took the question paper and checked all the answers. I was literally wet in sweat. I was sweating due to nervousness. I know I have not written anything in the test. After a long MOM’s lecture I decided to study for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have another test. But my MOM went out for walking and I played ‘Kerbal Space Program‘. Then I wasted a lot of time on YouTube videos. Other than that I played ‘Besiege‘. I also found out that I can download ‘Scrap Mechanics‘ (the game I wanted so bad a few days back). But now I see today I don’t want it. I don’t have any ideas for it. Its actually on a site from where I can download and its not a big file also. But I am not motivated enough.

Later in the day I started trading. At first I was getting unlucky. I made a profit of $2000. But suddenly ‘WINS‘ stock crashed by $5, so I shorted it and mad a profit of $11,000. I monitor stocks on and for some reason it shows that WINS stock increased by $10. But when I check on the internet its still the same. I was just gonna buy  3000 shares. I was saved from maybe a great loss. Coz 3000 is not a less number.

Anyways now I will watch another episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘ and sleep.

Good Night Diary.


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