Completely Slipped out of my MIND!

3rd December, 2017

Dear Diary,

I was doing my Mechanical Drawings and I literally forgot about the Diary. It just slipped out of my mind. I saw the clock and its 11:30 pm now and that’s when I realized I haven’t written today’s Diary. I forgot so much that MOM even turned off the WiFi and I did not bother. Anyways I turned it back onn and Now I will tell you what happened.

Today I woke up late and started studying right away. Hoping to study but I could not. So I did time -pass on YouTube. This was going on till lunch. Surprisingly my DAD did not take my laptop today. But before lunch, me and my DAD filled JEE Mains form. After lunch I watched an episode of ‘Game of Thrones‘. After the first I went for second one. In total I watched 2 episodes and maybe one now.

Soon it was night and time for dinner. Before that DAD came in my room. So I started doing Mechanical Journal. He told me to do GT “Glass Tracing”. It means that; you take a print out of the drawing you want to draw and keep under the page where you want to draw. Put a light of some sort under both pages and trace the image. It helped to complete my Journal quickly. And then I almost forgot to wrote the Dairy. Luckily I decided to watch GOT or else I would sleep. Anyways I will now go coz I have to finish an episode and sleep; tomorrow is early-class.

Good Night Diary.



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