Maybe I am good at other GAMES!

1st December, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was college and also Eid. MOM asked me to ask Danish if today we do Eid Mubarak? I found out that today’s Eid is not celebrated much. Today is the birthday of the first prophet. After the lecture I came home and did some time-pass. I watched ‘Game of thrones‘ Season 05  Episode 03.

In the afternoon I was just messing around on the internet when I came across an amazing game. Its called ‘Scrap Mechanics‘. It was released last year. Not even a year. In January the game will complete 1 year and the game is popular even in its early alpha version. But only problem is its price. Around $20. I can’t pay that and nor will my parents allow. Lets see if I can even play it or no. So I began searching for other similar games. And I found out ‘Besiege‘. Both these games are awesome and I want them. I already played a level on Besiege and I loved it. Now I know what kind of games I want to play. Mostly based on physics and mechanics.

Anyways DAD will come tonight late.  I am planning to stay up and wait till he arrives. Maybe watch GOT in the meanwhile. (Whenever I say that I will watch GOT after writing Diary I don’t. Even yesterday I said I will watch an episode But i just did not). I don’t have hurry coz tomorrow is a Holiday.

Good Night Diary.


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