Algorithm Tension

28th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Before college was class lecture. GNp sir took the lecture. After the lecture we went in the mechanical classroom to play hand tennis (Game we invented in class). Last time we played the game sir caught us and scolded us. So this time we played and when it was time for sir to come we stopped and took out our book and acted as if we were studying. After that during sir asked us to watch a video on a topic on YouTube on our phones. So everyone took out their phones. Even I took it out and started American pie in the class. Sir was in his chair and we were watching American pie. Sir is unknown of this thing. We enjoyed a lot. We brought life back to the boring lecture.

After I came home, I did not have lunch. Maybe it was the biggest mistake of today. I was not hungry but after 1/2 hour my stomach started aching. Luckily MOM went out to drop Tanvi to some class. So in the meanwhile I ate some cheese and chocolates I found in the refrigerator. That decreased my pain. When MOM returned she game me snacks and then my stomach was full; like I had something.

After that I wanted to see Game of thrones but same yesterday’s problem occurred. Bluestacks engine was laggy.  I couldn’t  play a single video. Then I decided I will download the video and import it to windows laptop. But later I finally decided to download the whole season from torrent. At first I thought it would be a bad idea coz I thought I will have to download whole season to watch last 2 parts. But then in the torrent I could select the episodes I wanted so I only downloaded 900 Mb versus 4.4 Gb.

The I started trading. Yesterday my account value was $92,000 and today I planned to make $100,000. But I could not find great stocks. Anyways I made a profit of $5000 with total account value of almost $96,100. But as soon as  I bought a stock MOM would come in my room not allowing me to trade. First time I bought a stock She came to iron cloths. I was totally terrified after that incident. The second time I bought a stock She came to check the mails. I was also afraid then coz she was not going and I had to sell the stock before loss.

Now I must to sleep early coz I have exam tomorrow early morning. But I don’t want to. I want to watch GOT. And that’s what I am gonna do.

Good Night Diary.


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