Encounter with the WEIRD!

27th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

There is a weirdo in our colony. He is little mad and always drunk. He is out of his senses. He speaks to trees and fights with the cars. Today when I was going to college, I sat in the rickshaw and he just came at the door. I was scared coz he just popped up from nowhere. Anyways I flew him away and then went on with my day.

Second weirdo I met was Ketan sir (our Mechanical Professor). Third was our physics sir. He checks the journals very strictly. There is no room for mistakes. He sent me back 2 times for silly mistakes like a line was not written. I had to write that line and come back to get it certified. After a long time waiting and correcting the mistakes my Journal got certified.

After the long tiring day at college I came home. MOM was sleeping in the evening and  I had a chance of watching Game of Thrones. So I opened my laptop and started Bluestacks coz  I see GOT on it. But the engine was laggy and I was fed up coz Drashti (so called girlfriend) was messaging me on Instagram. The notification sound of ‘Ding’ ‘Ding’ was going in my head. In frustration I logged out of my instagram account hoping the sound would stop. But it still continues. Then I opened the messages and said I want to break up. We broke up today. Girl I was cheating on was today freed and I was relieved of great stress.

But still I could not see the episode. In doing this it was time for stock market to open. So I checked the status and AMAZON Stocks I bought went up by $20. I had a great profit. Also I bought some more stocks and made a profit of total $4000. After having dinner I downloaded the GOT episode via torrent. And saw it. But it took a lot of time to download. My net was not working properly. I was getting 22 kbps download speed. This wasted a lot of my time. But anyways the wait was worth it. I saw S4E8. The fight between ‘The Mountain and the Viper’. One of the best kills in GOT.  Anyways now I will sleep coz I have to get up at 7:00 am to go to class.

Good Night Diary.


It is 23:59 pm in my clock and I published the post just in time. Or it would be sent a day late. Still I have to put a pic for today’s page. Then I will sleep.


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