Getting use to the NEW Time-Table.

26th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I went to college. We had Maths lecture. The sir was new but he taught very well. Probably the best maths sir. He also gave us important points to remember and study before exam. He started a new chapter which I know coz he did it so well. But one problem was that my time was wasted. Instead of going to class I could study at home.

Anyways I came home then had lunch and then went for a haircut. I don’t remember when did I cut my hair last. I will search it now. I am very sure that I mentioned my haircut in one post and I also tagged Haircut to it. But I could not find it now. For this post I will surely tag haircut and see next time; after how long I cut my hair again.

After doing a little Maths problems I started to do Mechanical Journal. I also played the stupid game again. I won’t mention the name. If you want see yesterday’s page. I realized just now that from next year I will be in hostel and so I will not get a chance to write my Diary. Even I don’t know if I will get to write the Diary after 10 days. So be prepared for less  posts.

Good Night Diary.


Also not forgetting to mention; I completed writing my Dairy also found the photo in just 10 min.


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