Self Realization ‘-‘

25th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was the Worst-Best day. I had my Open house of first semester. I did not expect much marks but not this low. I almost failed in Physics and Chemistry. I am passed only coz of Practicals. Firing at home was obvious. My MOM and DAD both had me in front of them and gave me a good looooooooooooooooooooong lecture. Then my MOM decided that she would take my studies. Now I knew I had to study properly. Thats why I did Maths sincerely. Now I was doing my Chemistry Journal. I will complete it and then sleep.

Coz I was studying whole day, I could not watch and movies of new GOT episode. Now I think I even can’t play the game ‘March of Empires: War of Lords‘. But coz of the Open House I became serious towards my Boards. Even though  I need not waste time; I am wasting it on the game. I said that I need to stop but I simply can’t.

Later my MOM and DAD were both busy and I was also tired studying whole day. Also it was 8:15 pm. I thought the market was open so I quickly switched on my laptop and went online. But I found out that the stock market was close. Then I realized that today is Saturday.  Maybe I will not get time to trade or as the matter of fact no time for Diary writing. But don’t worry, somehow I will figure out some way to write my Diary. I can not afford to miss a day.

Good Night Diary.


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