Nice, Little Game Tornado.

24th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

I was home whole day. In the morning I planned to write my journal but then I took my laptop and could not leave it. At 11:00 am I went to doctor with my MOM. We both caught cold the same time. When we returned MOM was busy working in the kitchen. I was doing time-pass on my laptop.

In the evening I started to play yesterday’s game ‘March of Empires: War of Lords‘. I played till 8:00 pm. From that point I started to trade. The game crashed a lot yesterday, but today it did not crash as much. During trading hours I made profit of $7000 in the first 15 min. And then did not make any progress. Maybe just $500 after that. Today the market closed early. I don’t know why. And now it will be closed for more 2 days coz of weekends. I played the stupid game whole day. Coz of it I could not focus my energy on other things. I hope to stop it soon but I could not. Its like a Tornado that destroys everything.

I downloaded the movie ‘Dirty Grandpa‘ yesterday. The print was not good so I deleted it without watching. I was suppose to download the movie today but I was lazy. I also did not wash my shoes. I will have to do it tomorrow without fail. Now I will write my Journal and sleep.

Good Night Diary.


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