F@#K that Stupid GAME!

23rd November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I got up late coz yesterday I slept late. After writing my diary I watched GOT episodes not just one but two. In the morning I decided to wash my shoes but I lazy to do it. Then I also decided to complete my journal today. I was so determined that I even took out my journal and kept in in front of me, But I got trapped in the Internet Black hole.

In the afternoon I just sat in front of my laptop watching some videos on YouTube. Then I also tried to learn poker but it is difficult I knew. I downloaded a movie ‘Dirty Grandpa‘. I am thinking of watching GOT again tonight. But I feel very sleepy. I don’t think I can see it. After that I got in the mood to trade. Also its was just time for the market to start. I went on Investopedia where I trade with pseudo money. But I was enlightened that today was Thanks Giving day. So the market will be closed. Then I downloaded a game that I also played some time back. Its called ‘March of Empires: War of Lords‘. I stopped playing coz it crashed a lot and even now the game crashes. But still I play it.

I haven’t written Diary this late at night. Its 12:00 am and still writing it. I was playing the game. Now I will sleep.

Good Night Diary.



I was just now searching for a good photo for the post when my browser crashed. I was not sure if I saved my work. Luckily it did otherwise I wouldn’t have written it again.



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