Live college life to Fullest !!

22nd November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was college in the morning and we went to it. Like yesterday my head was paining and I did not wanna sit the lectures. But when we reached we were informed that Prem Sir is gonna take the lectures. We were very happy and I felt little better and energized. Ketan Sir’s lecture is real dumb and boring. After the mechanical lecture we went to English lecture but it was canceled.  So we went in the ground to play Football. At first Sohum and others were denying but them everyone got ready to play. But still Sohum was not ready. We all played football during break but Sohum. In the break I asked if Danish wanted the movies (American Pie) but he refused. He said he doesn’t have time. Maybe he will take later. After the break we had Physics Practical. But we were soon done with the experiments and we were free to go home.

When I returned MOM was just about to leave. She took Grand Mother to hospital for check up. So I had lunch and wanted to watch GOT. I was just browsing my laptop and I wanted to check the quality of ‘American Reunion‘ and I ended up watching the whole movie. Later I was just doing time-pass on YouTube. At 8:00 pm I started to trade. It was not in my original plans but when I saw that Danish’s yesterdays change was +$1900 I got scared. Then I started to trade and made a profit of $3000. Now I will study for an hour and the sleep. MOM said me to go to the Doctor but I did not. I was feeling better. Tomorrow morning I will wash my shoes and maybe cut my hair. They are like more than 2 cm and unmanageable.

Good Night Diary.


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