This Cold is killing me!

21st November, 2017

Dear Diary,

From yesterday I have cold. But yesterday it wasn’t that sever; from today morning the cold is making difficult to breathe and I have got a headache. Anyways the college was working and I went to it. We were playing our new game like always and then the Professor stepped inside. He caught us playing and scolded us for playing. He said to the ones that were playing, “Go in the ground if u wanna play & I’ll not start the lecture unless you get out”. We sat there not knowing what to do. Finally after 1 hour he started the lecture. During the lecture we thought that the silence was much nicer than his boring lecture. In spite of these things we had a great time. Me and Danish were saying things in chorus.  Even we wished ‘Good Morning’ in chorus.

After the some what bad day at college I came home with the headache. MOM was not there. She took Grand Father to doctor for his eye operation. Coz MOM wasn’t at home I completed my yesterday’s incomplete work. I watched GOT after a long time. And Boy, it was good. Then MOM returned from the clinic but was in a hurry. She had to attend a weeding. Full family was called to the weeding but I did not go coz I said that I had to study. But in reality I saw a movie ‘Hotel Transylvania‘. The original plan was to see another episode of GOT but I did not see coz…………….. I don’t remember. Maybe I was downloading the second part of the movie. That is the reason I think.

At around 10:00 pm MOM came back from the weeding. I was done eating. I was watching some videos on YouTube. Suddenly MOM came in my room and said that she was coming in the room to iron Tanvi’s cloths. I was writing my Diary at that time. I had written only 1st paragraph. As soon as I knew she was coming I posted this online. I could not take risk of delaying it like day before yesterday or so. Even that day MOM said I am here to iron and did not leave for an hour at least. If this time also she did the same thing I will be 1 day behind for posting the Diary page. If I post now it will take today’s date. Even if I edit it later. And I must say that it was a smart move coz now its 12:00 pm and I’m not done with my writing. Now the main thing is to find a good photo for the post. This will take another 10 min. Anyways I will have to be awake for 10 min coz I messed up my American Pie downloads.

I have downloaded all the parts of American Pie. And the last part was in Hindi. I realized this when I was transferring them to my mobile. Danish wanted to see them. So I thought why not check the quality of the stuff I’m giving him. And luckily I spotted this. In 5 min the movie will download completely and hopefully tomorrow I give it to him. I doubt it coz of his space problem. He does not have memory space at all. But he said bring it tomorrow. Lets see what he does?

Good Night Diary.



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