It cannot be worse; OR can it?

20th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was our Maths practical exam. So I had to get up early. I dressed up and went to Danish’s place. There I got to know that I did not bring my Maths Journal. So I rushed back to my home, grabbed my journal and went to college as fast as I could. We were late for the test, we were after time but still luckily the test had not started. I feel really bad coz I made Danish and Sohum also wait till I took my Journal. Its good that the test started late. Or I would be really sad. Now I am a little sad not much and embarrassed. During the exam Yogita slided her medical reports under my desk. I asked for it the other night coz I did not believe that she had headache. So for proof she gave it to me.

In the college, the test was over at 8:30 am and the normal lectures began at 10:30 am. We had 2 hours to complete Journals but we did not. We played ‘hand tennis’ game we invented in the classroom. Then the lecture did not go really well. We were getting toasted by Ketan sir. Now coz we did not complete our Journals we had to complete them during Chemistry Practical lecture. Which was kinda good but also boring.

I came home early then. Skipped my lunch coz I was not feeling like it. Sat down to watch GOT. I watched some 2 min episode and the app crashed. The app would not open and the planned was unwanted but canceled. Then I saw a movie ‘Kink‘ but the player was also lagging. My whole laptop was a lag machine.   I could not play ‘Rocket League‘ I played yesterday.

Everything just put my mood off and I did not trade much. I mad a profit of $1000 and was done with it. Probably now I will sleep and tomorrow go to class on time. return Yogita’s reports. Hopefully I complete my journals as quick as possible. I also caught cold. The situation cannot get worst. Or can it?

Good Night Diary.


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