Bound to be Serious!

19th November. 2017

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I slept at 3:00 am coz I was angry on my parents about the whole laptop thing. So I had to get up late. I got up at 9:30 am. I was late coz……….

It was the day. Examination forms were open for registration and we decided to fill them today. So Sohum and Danish were gonna come to my place so we could fill form together. They decided to come after lunch but ended up at my house before lunch very early. I had just had a bath and did breakfast. Anyways so we filled VITEEE form and others like SRM and MIT. This means I need to get serious about my studies and crack one of these tests.

After they left I had to do Maths coz tomorrow is my Maths Practical exam. We were give some book at the start of the year and the questions were at the back. Some 20 questions were there and any 5 would come. Seemed pretty easy but the answers were not in the book. So we had to learn the concept and solve. After long days work we finally made it to the end. I did all the sums but got stuck on the last one. I could not figure out how to do it for half hour. After half hour I asked a friend of mine and he said I am mad. All the answers were given in the booklet which was given at the start of the year. That really did not serve so I did not open and see what was it. Thats why I could not find it. But now I did it and I am done with the study. Now I can sleep to get up early in morning.

Today I decided to watch GOT but I had no time. Maybe tomorrow I will. Hopefully my mechanical journal will be complete in time to watch GOT.

Good Night Diary.


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