Friends & Family Ditch; Bitch!

18th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today’s day started very well. Though I only slept for 5 hours I had a great day. In the morning I went to college. Came back by 11:30 am. Did breakfast. Then started to complete my Chemistry Journal. Thats when I realized that I don’t have all information to write it. I had my handbook incomplete. So I messaged Danish and Sohum for help. While they replied I started to do Mechanical Journal. Even now I am doing  that.

In the afternoon after lunch I was still doing the journal. But I was done with it for today. So I kept it aside and took my laptop to see a movie. I saw ‘How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town‘. Its was good and story was little bit as I expected with some more unexpected turns. Overall its was fun to watch and enjoy. Soon after that I played ‘Rocket League‘ and went to dinner then.

Till here everything was fine, But then life thought that today was boring and so she threw somethings that I did not like at all. First of I was chatting with my friends and when I messaged Martin (Very old friend of mine. Probably first) he said who is this? He thought I was some Nupur (a school friend).  I gave Martin her number and I guess he saved my number with her name. He was totally into that I was Nupur. I had to send him a pic to confirm that it was me. This whole thing of ‘guess the name’ happened and I had something to write in my Diary.  So I went on my laptop and started writing it. As soon as I wrote the date, my DAD came in my room and said ‘I want to use the laptop’. What the F+#K!! I was writing my Diary and he comes along to grab my work. Anyways he is my father so I had to give him. I thought he will return it in some time. So I started writing my Journal. Its was 11:30 pm and still he did not leave the laptop. And I was very afraid coz I had my Diary open in another window.

After that MOM came and both were doing something in my laptop. Its 11:45 pm and MOM had to sleep. She was feeling sleepy and she has her dance class tomorrow morning (Or I should say today morning). It was almost 12 and MOM was angry on DAD coz he was doing office work on laptop at night. She went out and took my phone and opened remote mouse. Application I have to remotely control my laptop. I shut it down and so DAD had to leave. After they went the first thing I did was to upload something on the same date (i.e. 18th Nov). So I did it and after the whole drama I started writing Diary on 19th Nov aka today.

Even now MOM called me while writing this diary and I had to go. But now they are asleep and now I have the time to do anything I want to. So I will do something till I feel sleepy. Its good that today was Saturday. If it was a weekday when the market is open and DAD would have taken my laptop I would die worrying about loss. So its little good but more bad.

Good Night Diary.







I need to tell that whenever something bad happens; something good is ought to happen. My friend Sohum Pulekar has just now uploaded a new video and its amazing. I have been telling him to upload  a new video since when but he did not. And today he uploaded it and he is full of energy.


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