Syringe hurt me more than REAL!

16th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was holiday to class so I woke up late. Got ready and sat down to complete my journal. I have decided that I will complete my journal before sleeping. I did it whole day but still couldn’t complete. Maybe its coz I saw ‘The House‘ movie before lunch. But it was not close to other great movies. I had much higher expectations from this. If this was not enough I also saw ‘American Pie 4’. I don’t know why I watched it again but it was fun and definitely better than The House.

After lunch DAD came home from Chennai. He came early coz he was gonna get an Award. He came in and he said I should take TETANUS injection. I was hurt day before yesterday in the mechanical lab and it bled a lot. I did not wanna go coz I could not trade. But even then I went to doctor and got my self injected. It hurt a little, and I realized that; that day the cut did not hurt a tall. Then I came home and traded for a while.

Today I made a profit of $4000 and the total profit of 10 working days is. $23,000 profit. I started with $50,000 and today I have $73,035.94. Danish is also making great profit. Now his total profit is $1,400. I know my profit is very large as compared to his coz I am cheating. In Investopedia (where I’m trading) the stock value update is 1-2 min late than real market. So I look at the real-time price of stock and see if it is rising or falling. Accordingly I BUY a stock of SELL SHORT. This is how I ensure always profit. But in spite of this I have faced some losses due to my lack of attention or just stupidity.

Anyways I will not complete my physics journal as soon as possible and sleep.

Good Night Diary.


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