HURT myself breathing in the FUTURE!

14th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today I got up early to study but ended up doing something else. I started writing my script. I completed almost half the script and would complete in an hour of writing; hopefully. After that I went to college. We had our mechanical lecture + practical. But because I was living in the future I skipped today and took tomorrow’s timetable. Tomorrow is physics so I took all that and forgot my mechanical lab coat.

In the lab, anyone did not ask me for my lab coat. I think they might not have payed attention coz I was working silently. But I did something that caught everyone’s attention. I managed to cut myself. And not a small cut. A good 5 – 6 cm cut and very deep cut on my hand. I was filing my workpiece when its sharp corner hurt me. I was not feeling the pain. I quickly ashed the wound. Before I went in the washroom a lot of blood was flown out. Sir then applied dettol and some ointment. Soon I was the star of the day. Everyone was coming near me, asking me what happened, how it happened?etc. Sir told me to stop my practical and rest for the day. Then I went to lathe machine to see what others were doing coz I was getting bored. Soon the lecture ended and we came home.

By the time I reached home the blood had stopped flowing. Then I did some time-pass till 8:00 pm. After the stock market opened I started to trade. I was going in loss again coz of the two stocks I kept on hold. But I was done so I sold then with a loss of $1000. After trading for next hour I made a profit of $5000. So I say it was a pretty successful day apart from the blood thing.

I also decided to ignore Drashti coz I feel she is not my type and when we exchange nudes the situation would become more complex. So I want to avoid her. Today  was Children’s Day Celebration in our school. all the students were in the school ground. In the morning when I went to Danish’s house he said ‘Let’s go and see the celebration.’ Frankly I did not wanna go coz I was afraid of meeting Drashti there. In spite of this I went or else I would have to answer to Danish about not going near school. Luckily she did not meet and we went to college them.

Now tomorrow is actually what I thought was today. So I have my bag packed. I have to sleep now and get up early for college.

Good Night Diary.






I was thinking a lot about today’s tittle. First I thought I will write ‘I’m living in the future’ then ‘Hurt myself real bad!’ I changed the word hurt about 3 times to ‘nicked’,’contused’,’bleeding’ But then I realized their meaning is different to what I want. After a lot of thinking I stopped on my current tittle and I kinda like it. 


I finished my diary right on time and publishe it. Right now its 00:00 am. 


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