GF: You gotta be kidding me!

13th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

I had class at 7:30 am, so I had to get up early. After that we had mechanical lecture but Prem sir took us for practical. We had a lot of fun coz we were getting bores in Ketan sir’s lecture. In the practical Sir explained us Shaper machine and Planner machine and asked us to draw them today. He will be checking it tomorrow.

After that I came home but MOM was not there. She was in hospital with Grand Father for his follow up session. She said she would come late at night so I watched Game of Thrones (S4 E4&5). Before that I had to call Drashti (so called gf) coz yesterday she asked me to. But I did not have balance to call her nor did I want to. So I messaged her on Instagram to call me whenever shes free. She call me after an hour but that time I was watching GOT. So I did not pick up her call. I am trying to avoid her now. I am not sure is she is the one. I am pretty sure she isn’t the one and I don’t know why are we still together. Probably coz of nudes. But now I think I might break up before that. And I am not sad. I am actually happy.

In the mean while MOM came back and Grand Father is fine. Urine is passing normally. After that I did the homework that Prem sir gave us. Drawings. Side by side I also traded on investopedia. I am in a great loss due to Facebook and Apple. But I think I can cope up. But I need to grow fast coz Danish is making profit of $1000. I need to be careful of him.

Tomorrow I have class at 10:30 am. I was trading now and just forgot about the diary. I thought I wrote it already. But then I remembered that I haven’t and so I came here to write it before it gets late. Another thing; very important from next week our practical exams are starting So before that I need to have my Journals complete 😦 which I haven’t even started.

Good Night Diary.


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