Movie Showroom Complete!!!

11th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

In the morning I was all ready to go to class. I was about to leave, as I bent down to wear my shoes my pant tore near the knee. I said its okay and I will wear this to class but MOM asked me to change. So I wasted some time there. Later before going to class I went to Grand Parents house in next wing to deliver their tiffin box. Thats why I was a little late but not much. We were on time to class before teacher entered.

She was a new teacher. She taught very well. Maybe her name is Vaishali. I remember it coz its also the name of Sohum’s Mom. When the lecture got over we went to meet the in charge of timetable in the staff room. We have integration chapter lecture in next week and some sir from MAINS in teaching(OPm). We don not want  his so we gave a letter that we would like to change the sir and gave it in class for others to sign. We left coz we didn’t wanna sit for second lecture and hence I don’t know if the letter reached sir or no. We  told them to give sir but I am not sure where it is.

In the evening as usual I watched some prank videos on YouTube. Then I played beamNG Drive. I downloaded a new awesome map and some cars also. Then I downloaded ‘American pie‘ last part but realized I already have it. Now I am downloading ‘The Dictator‘. So I will have all my favorite movies. Earlier I saved all the movies I watched but then the space on hard disk was running low. So I decided to keep only my FAVORITE movies. (La La Land, American pie, The Dictator, Inception).

I had dinner now and am writing the Diary. MOM said that today you should study till 2:00 am coz tomorrow is holiday. So I will be up till 2:00 am. Lets see how it goes. But even now at 11:00 pm I am feeling sleepy. So thats it,

Good Night Diary.


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