EXAM was a big Blunder!!

5th November, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was my KVPY test. And it was in Thane. Almost a 45 min drive from my home. I paid ₹1000 for filling form. So I had to go or my money would be wasted. Test began at 2:00 pm. So I had to leave at noon. The plan was that my parents and Tanvi would come to drop me and then watch a movie in Thane and after that come to take me. But they did not kind any bookings so that plan was dropped. Later the plan was decided that MOM and DAD would come to drop me. While returning MOM would drive. And believe she drove very well. Even DAD could not believe how good she drove. During the test I did very rubbish. I made a new friend Rohit. He was next to me. I don’t generally talk to people so I am trying to change my habit. I tried to talk and we had a fair conversation. I knew that he lives in Thane, goes to Rao IIT Thane branch. He is in Zenith Batch. He gave KVPY exam last year also. Anyways after the test got over I came home via auto-rickshaw.

Just now while I was writing my diary Ayush (neighbor kid) called me to help him with his presentation. I went there and came as soon as possible coz I have to publish this page today. And I cannot write this in front of others, so I came at 11:30 pm and hopefully I can finish the work and publish in 1/2 hour. For this I left the work half and have to complete it tomorrow.

But the good news above all is today Investopedia updated the Ranking of my game. And I am first. I got a profit of $195.18, I was so happy and eager to see it. But I have to be careful coz Danish can beat me anytime. I advised him to trade a lot of shares to gain more profit. You never know When the game changes. Although the difference is more than $100 but you can cover up with a single good trade. Its gonna be difficult to keep up to 1st position.

I usually find the pictures last but today I uploaded it now. Coz I think its a good one to fit the theme. Anyways I will now sleep; from tomorrow regular college is started.

Good Night Diary.


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