Family Get-together is always CONVIVIAL!!!

4th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was no class. I was home pretending to study. Today I could not trade in share market simulation coz its weekend. So I watched some videos on YouTube. Then I also watched some trailers.

In the evening I continued to do what I was doing. I also helped MOM to prepare for dishes. Most of which was bought from outside. And some was cooked at home. At 6:00 pm I started dressing up and at 7:30 pm almost people started coming.

Soon the house was full and we enjoyed a lot. We were around 18 people. First we played with cards then UNO and later we went for dinner. After dinner we kids went to buy ice-cream. We had it and then the real ceremony started. The real motive of the meet was Bhai Dooj. So everyone was doing aarti and exchanging gifts. Clicked a lot of selfies. I got a very fitting T-Shirt and a cool Tissot watch. But I think the battery should be replaced. Anyways it was all great fun. Everyone enjoyed.

Now I will sleep coz tomorrow I have KVPY exam.

Good Night Diary.



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