Professional Script Writer !!

30th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was a lot in the mood of writing the script. From the morning I was searching for different types of animation techniques. First I wanted to make a movie on my own. But then I thought animation would not convey the expressions perfectly. So Then I wanted to write a good script so that I can make a movie with actors in future. I began searching how to write scripts. During that I came across the format and a software for writing screenplays. So I downloaded  ‘Celtx‘ a software for writing all sorts of scripts or stories.

Rest of the day I pretty much wrote the script or gathered in inspiration for the same. I also downloaded Inception movie script for reference, but that did not help at all. Its almost 100+ pages. And I am surprised not coz its long but coz my script would be roughly about the same length. Only thing is the content. Today I read the story back again and I did not found any motive or purpose for the film. Its just happening.  Its basically a love story but nothing too serious. No solid motive.

I got bored coz of the whole script thing and problems so I needed so air. That’s why I watched ‘17 Again‘. At first I could see and catch every break and how did they write the script. All the cuts and transitions. But that took the whole movie experience out. Instead of enjoying the film I watched through the film from a directors perspective. And believe me its not fun. So I laid back stopped thinking much, concentrated only on screen and actors and tried to have fun. Later on it was fun. I enjoyed the film when I stopped making the script.  But that gave me inspiration to complete my own script.

I continued to write my script. But I realized that I don’t remember the whole story as I thought when I wrote. I did write pointers but one thing was “fight”. just fight, no front or back so today I was confused what is that fight. Now I assumed what could it be coz I have no clue what I thought at that time.

Anyways this will take some time and I will keep you updated. I also downloaded ‘American pie (1999)‘ for reference. There is this one scene which is taken reference from the movie. So I had to re-watch  that scene. I am not planning to see the entire series but only this one scene; hopefully.

Good Night Diary.


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