Back to Normal Routine!

25th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was class. I learned Integration. Apparently the biggest and most difficult chapter in whole book. I am confident that I can solve it. But I need great practice. After that second lecture was of some chemistry sir. He doesn’t know to teach. He just keeps taking. Everyone including front benchers  were sleeping in his lecture. We drew drawings of different animals in his lecture. We were using mobile phones during his lecture in front of him and he did not mind that. Maybe he knows how terrible he is. He literally begs to us to be present in his class.

After the class I came home and had lunch. It was 4:00 pm by the time I finish lunch. Then I decided that today I will watch ‘Game of Thrones‘; did not watch in months. I watched two episodes. They were fun.

Remember I said yesterday about the kiss promise. Well Sheel has a different center than me. And I am not very confident that I want a kiss from her. I don’t think she is the one. Also I was chatting with her over WhatsApp  and I knew she is not into me. So I dropped the idea.

That is pretty much what I did. Lust like old days I watched GOT and from now on I will do the same. Get up, do a little study (coz its important), exercise, movie, GOT, eat, masturbate, sleep, nothing more.

Good Night Diary.


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