ME…..Promising me

24th October, 2017

Dear Diary,

Today was holiday as the lecture was canceled. So I woke up late. Had a bath and dressed up. It was 11:00 am by the time I had my breakfast. Then I went in my room to do something. I hadn’t thought about it that moment what was I gonna do. I just opened my laptop.

I watched some videos. Then I decided to watch a movie after lunch. I quickly had my lunch and decided to watch a movie. MOM also went out to some meditation class. So I watched ‘There’s something about Mary‘. Then I also worked out my abs a bit. I am thinking of working out everyday coz I am worried about my shape. I even watched some motivational videos on YouTube.

Then I listened to the third audio book of ‘Tao of Badass’ series. I can really feel that I can get a kiss this month. At least I thought it yesterday. Let’s put to test ‘Tao of Badass‘ and ‘The Secret‘. Both of them are wonderful and inspiring books. And I haven’t read any. But I saw the movie ‘The Secret‘ and now listening to audio book of the other one. “So I feel like I got a kiss from Sheel Sanghvi on 5th November on the KVPY exam center.” Now I will imagine that its real and it happened on 5th Nov 2017. And I would like to tell you that Sheel is one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the college.

Later I downloaded ‘This is the End‘ movie and watched some other movie trailers. Just had my dinner and will go to sleep early. Tomorrow have class again. SAD.

Good Night Diary.


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